Friday, July 25, 2008

Eva's Edicts: Car Clean-Out Continued

Today, we're continuing to work on Eva's Edicts from last week.

Today, take 5 minutes to clean out another section of your car.

5 minutes, then stop.

If your whole car needs help and you want to keep going, go ahead and do another 5 minutes. Rinse & repeat as needed. Do just enough, but just don't get burned-out.

If you don't have the time to go on another 5 minutes, simply stop. Pick it up at another time. Maybe 5 minute on Saturday, then 5 minutes on Sunday. Or 10 minutes, or half an hour. Own it, do it, make it your own.

Impress me. Tell me what you got accomplished in 5 minutes.

Leave a comment or twitter me.

Your car will love you for it, and so will I.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Helping Your Child Get Organized

Here's a TV segment that I did recently on the topic of "Helping Your Child Get Organized".

Summertime is a great time to get started on developing good habits for getting organized. And, we can make it fun for the child, rather than being a battle.

For many children, they need structure and a sense of routine. I know I personally need this for myself as well, ESPECIALLY during the summer!

With the kids home for the summer, it's easy for life at home to turn into a free-for-all with toys, projects, videos, drawings, and books spread out all over the place and taking over every available open space in the house!

It happens to me too and I have to remind myself to get back into a routine again.

So, as I always say, "It's ok not to be perfect" 'cause we're living our lives to the fullest. Just pick up our routines again, where we left off and have the kids work together with you to develop the life-long habit of becoming better organized.

Feel free to Contact Me for further information.

Have fun as you Sort Things Out!


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Friday, July 18, 2008

Introduction of "Eva's Edicts" on Organizing

OK, I'm hereby declaring the official roll-out of "Eva's Edicts" on Organizing, as of today.

First, let's define, 'what's an edict?' An edict is a decree or proclamation, a formal pronouncement or command.

I'm introducing Eva's Edicts in order to get you better organized and to Sort Things Out, one step at a time.

I'm directing this for those of you who need someone to "tell" you what to do, in order to get started. If left on your own, you flounder, you procrastinate, you put off, and you end up not doing what needs to get done.

Well, think of me as your big sister (not your mother, I don't want to be your mother). A big sister is better; there's some authority here, but I can also be a peer and mentor too. Plus, I'm used to being a big sister because I am one.

Ready to start?

Today, "Eva's Edict of the Day" is to work on cleaning out your car. 5 minutes at a time.

(for those of you who don't have a car, or if you already have a system going for keeping your car detailed, you can choose something else to organize, starting with the letter "c", like a countertop, or closet, or cabinet, or coffee table).

The goal in fulfilling Eva's Edict today: Spend 5 minutes (and only 5 minutes) on throwing away anything that's obvious trash, from one section of you car.

Just today alone, in my local driving, I saw one car filled with empty Starbucks coffee cups lined up on the back window of the car. Hey, let's clear out those coffee cups and make room for the bobble-head doggie! Another guy parked in the space in front of me at the local YMCA opened his trunk and it was filled to the brim with smelly gym clothes, crumpled grocery bags, jumper cables, and a bunch of empty Gatorade bottles. Oooh, what a way to impress someone, not to mention it's a FIRE HAZARD! Take all the garbage bags, fill them up with the empty bottles and drop it off in the nearest recycle bin or trash can.

5 minutes, done. Leave the rest for next week.

Or, if you're so inclined, keep going, 5 minutes at a time. Don't get burned out though in trying to get too much done at once.

Leave a comment (or post on Twitter) to report back with what you got accomplished today.

Contact me if you need someone, like a big sister, to yell at you on a regular basis to get this done.

Ok, time to get off the computer and Sort Things Out.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kitchen Pencil Jar

Here's a hint for the kitchen:

Keep a large jar in the kitchen for pencils, pens, etc. I like using a spare mug (you know the kind that you collect from trade shows, or given to you as a gift?) or spare plastic promotional cup, recycled glass jar, or whatever you have on hand that'll do the job.

Line the bottom with a folded up paper towel, in case of a pen malfunction.

Gather up all lost pens, pencils, etc.

Other handy items that I keep in the Kitchen Pencil Jar:

- Sharpie Fine Point (I'll explain one good use in another post)

- Small Phillips-head screwdriver

- Staple Remover (the kind that has a handle and pries the staple out)

- Small pair of scissors

Actually, I have several Kitchen Pencil Jars all around my kitchen, which I'll explain in another post as well.

Helping you to Sort Things Out, one step at a time!