Friday, July 09, 2010

"Make It Fresh" Friday Edition

Jennnifer Wilner of New Jersey wanted to freshen up an unused corner of her basement to create a new space for her daughter to play in. She assessed the area and planned how to transform cinder block to a Cinderella-like space, now affectionately called the "Pink Room".

Jennifer explained, "I purchased pink remnant fabric, then my husband drilled a few holes into the cinder block and mounted 1 x 2 x 12' wood strips to the brick. We wrapped the fabric around the wood to hide it, and then attached to the brick at the top & bottom, to give the room some ambiance as well as to hide the ugly brick."

"Also with the fabric, I created a "skirt" to cover the front side of my counter top desk and the back of my bulletin board. Finally, using inexpensive flat bed sheets ($3 each), we threaded speaker wire through the top to create a curtain/divider for our laundry area."

"With some leftover furniture and a few holiday gifts that my daughter had received, she now has a TV stand (re-purposed from an old plastic storage shelf) which holds her Wii and television."

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Wilner

When we talked to Jennifer, it was in the middle of a heat wave in July, with temperatures soaring to 100 degrees. She explained that the lower level basement was the perfect spot to create a play area. "I LOVE that she can play inside, especially on a day like today!" said Jennifer.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us Jen!

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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