Thursday, December 14, 2006

Holiday Shopping - Buy Locally

How organized are you with your holiday shopping?

As we're winding down to the last few days before the holidays, I can feel the stress levels rising all around... Have you gotten around to shopping on-line yet? How many emails a day are you getting in your in-box from the same on-line retailers telling you to "Hurry! Only 2 days left!". Too much stress!

It's a numbing experience; I'm just hitting the DELETE button at this point, without even opening those emails. I don't want to even think about it.

How about you?

But, we must get our shopping done...

On-line is ok, but it's getting down to the wire and the free shipping offers are dwindling.

I just saw an ad in our local paper, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, that promotes what I've been thinking about recently:

Support locally owned business.

The idea is to invest in our community, keep the money that you're spending in our town, support our local economy, our neighbors, our tax base. Keep It Local.

Look over your "Gifts to Buy" list (or sit down and start writing your list if you haven't), and think about which gifts you could get locally.

Also, keep in mind "clutter-free" gifts.

Here are some ideas:

Gift certificates to the following:
-Local restaurants
-Book stores
-Video Rentals
-Speciality or gourmet shops
-Local hardware store
-Computer store
-Lessons for kids
-Arts & crafts store for teachers
-Theater or movies

Try to buy in multiples, one store to cover several people on your list.

Leave a Comment to let me know how you're doing with your Holiday shopping, what you are buying this year, or what your thoughts are about shopping locally.

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